Cheshire Advocacy

From June 1st 2016 the provision of Statutory Advocacy services for Cheshire East and West will transfer from Cheshire Advocacy to the Cheshire Centre for Independent Living (CCIL). Please refer to the CCIL website for more information.

You can contact Dave Corp or Chris Abbot at the following organisation, Cheshire Centre for Independent Living.

Web link to, CCIL, (please click belowe)
Cheshire Centre for Independent Living

Independent Advocacy Cheshire & East Cheshire Advocacy have merged as one organisation providing a free confidential advocacy service to anyone over the age of 18, with a Learning Disability, who currently live in Cheshire.

Our aim is to support people with a learning disability living in Cheshire and neighbouring areas to access their rights, enable them to participate in decisions about their life, and encourage a sense of independence and participation in society. To achieve this we offer them the support of trained advocates to help them understand information and options and to communicate their choices and preferences.


Tel: 01606 42688 or use the contact page for further information.

We provide advocacy to all individuals over 18 with a learning disability, we currently cover these types of advocacy:

  • Crisis Advocacy

  • Non-Instructed Advocacy

  • Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA)

  • Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA)

  • Early Intervention & Prevention

  • Care Act Advocacy